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said i would take dead cities, i tail of two meant it. [applause] in asl de blasio is sworn mayor of new york city, vowing to fight inequality. we will play highlights including the legendary artist and activist harry belafonte. stop and frisk in theonly the change iceberg of fixing a dickensian system. >> a national broadcast exclusive. lynne stewart is freed from prison after a federal judge ordered her compassionate release. >> did you think this day would come? yes, butw or other, not as wonderful, or suddenly. it is bursting on me. in the dungeons, and here i am in my beloved new york. lynne stewart. we will speak to her about her time in prison as she battled cancer. all of that and more coming up. to democracy now, democracy now.org, the war and peace report. negotiators from the south sudan ethiopiat arrived in on wednesday after two weeks of violence that has left over 1,000 dead and tens of thousands displaced. both sides have signed on to a ceasefire but clashes continue. the south sudan government has declared a state of emergency in two states where rebels are in cont
coverage of bill deblasio's inauguration ceremony later in the hour. plus, north korea's leader talks for the first time about his uncle's execution. saying filth had been purged from the ruling party. >>> and pope francis delivers his first new year's message after a year of big change for the catholic church. welcome to "around the world." i'm suzanne malveaux. happy new year to all of you. new york city's new mayor taking the ceremonial oath of office bringing it to you live. the inauguration set to start on the steps of city hall any minute now. live pictures there. he is the first democrat to be elected mayor of the nation's largest city in two decades. former president bill clinton is actually going to administer the oath of office. our susan candiotti and john avlon, political analyst, joining us from new york. it is a big day for a lot of folks. a lot of folks are watching this for a number of reasons. he took the official oath just after midnight. it was interesting to watch this right outside his brooklyn home. susan, the pictures last night when you see it, it really paints
to new york city where bill clinton is about to do the ceremonial swear-in of the new mayor. bill deblasio. >> i congratulate public advocate james and comptroller stringer. i thank all of the people who are here. i'm not sure we introduced one of our guests, but i want to say i'm grateful that the governor and first lady of puerto rico us what's special about new ds york. i was so honored when mayor deblasio asked me to preside over the ceremonial swearing in. as the 109th mayor of new york, he has a job that is older than our republic itself. in a city that is most famous for its commitment to remain forever young. it is no accident that somebody somewhere along the line decided that cold or not, a new beginning should always be made in the new year. it's been a great joy for hillary and me to see the mayor's progress because he worked in my administration with governor cuomo and senator gillibrand and hud, because he managed hillary's first remarkable campaign for the u.s. senate, because he has served with such passion, and because he represents with his family the future of our city a
blasio is making in the big apple. >> and colorado legalizing marijuana - the ripple affect it could have across the country. >> peace talks are set to begin in ethiopia aimed at ending the violence in south sudan. the head of the peacekeeping mission is calling for an end to the fighting. the president called a state of emergency in two parts of the country affected by fighting where rebels sympathetic to riek machar have taken control of large areas, including bor. government forces are preparing a counter attack to take it back. both sides have sent people to negotiate. >> the former vice president ruled out a power sharing arrangement with his rival. >> 1,000 have been filled in south sudan. an american couple have been in the country on a mission, taking care of 10 orphans. they are now trying to get the children out of harm's way. >> they went to south sudan to help others. they are the ones that need a hand. kim campbell, husband and two daughters have been taking care of south sudan orphans for two years. the missionaries are from nebraska, and the missionaries look after orphans.
but many are saying around here that maybe this is a test for the newly sworn-in mayor, bill de blasio, because it was in 2010 under mayor bloomberg that outlying streets in similar circumstances were not plowed for days. that impacted not only transportation and pedestrians, but also emergency vehicles. the new mayor, mayor de blasio, says it will be different this time. he is 100% sure. now we want to check in at reagan national airport with a monitor of the delayed and canceled flights. >> reporter: if you're flying today, cross your fingers and arrive early, because we have already seen major delays across the united states. we're here at national airport, just outside of washington, d.c. if you can see behind me, this is what travelers are encountering, a lot of flights canceled, many delays. at many other airports across the country, it is a lot worse. logan airport in boston has announced they will stop flights from 8:30 p.m. tonight to noon tomorrow in anticipation of the strong winds that are arriving. we have already seen nationwide the numbers just tick up through the day of
. bill de blasio was elected on it. >> this is already going on as if the people are being squeezed and not being paid enough. this is happening at the state level and happening naturally. and the irony is people on the left want these unemployment benefits e tended to 1.3 milli americans in the newyear, but at the same time they want the minimum wage raised. so what do you want? because you should encourage job creation or raise the minimum wage, because again, it's going on the margin, it going to hurt creation of those kind of entry-level jobs. >> ben, here's the thing, a lot of people e saying it is just not right, it is just not fair, the minimum wage is too low to sustain a family. and in this country it's the right thing to do to start hiking it. >> well, it is the right thing to do, because the minimum wage is comically low. you can't support even a single person on minimum wage, but there's a minimum wage for a reason because the low skilled people, young people, people who can't do anything else, go into those jobs. that being said, look, i will say, i'm a huge consumer o
test for new mayor bill de blasio. he was out with a shovel this morning hitting his own walkway. >> it would have been nice to have talked about how to handle a snowstorm in an abstract exercise, but we didn't get to do that, we got the real thing. >> no, trial by fire on this one. at this point the worst of the snow is over and out, but here's what's moving in, subzero temperatures, the coldest some have seen in years. >> it is very cold. >> i'm layered up. i have like four pairs of pants on and four sweatshirts, so i'm cold. >> we've got you covered. team coverage all over the map. we have richard lui in boston, craig melvin in new york city, bill karins is monitoring the storm right here in the studio. i want to start with richard lui where we've seen record-breaking snowfall not just in boston but some mind-blowing snow totals all around the state. fill us in. >> all around the state, thomas, good morning touch you. the national weather service saying 8 to 23 inches here in the state of massachusetts. just short of that two-foot mark. of course those near-blizzard conditions
. >> it's freezing. four pairs of pants on. >> give everyone an a. >> the de blasio blizzard of 2014. >> it's the rich that are snowed in. >> use your knees. >> there are people who are skeptical of comprehensive bills. >> probably too early to their an outbreak of bipartisanship. >> seeing you shovel outside the mansion, as well. >> are you kidding me? >> 2014 needs to be a year of action. >> ask me my grade again in a few hours. >>> it is the first friday of the new year and for some 100 million americans, that means digging out from a pretty massive winter blizzard being chased by a deep freeze across much of the country. this frozen fire truck in massachusetts just won iconic image from the storm that left more than a foot of snow in some places and still stalling thousands of airline flights across the country. it's unclear how long before those flights are back on schedule. but some members of congress are surely watching closely as they savor their last friday before heading back into washington and the political storms. millions of enrollees are enjoying their third day of co
much of a break over the next couple of days. >> a new era has begun in new york city. bill de blasio has been sworn in by former president bill clinton. he was surrounded by family and friends and promised to fight for income equality and social justice. >> for the first time in 20 years, a democrat is now mayor of new york city. with fan fair, pomp and circumstance, bill de blasio was sworn in in a ceremony presided over by a former president. >> we are called to put an end to economic and social inequalities that threaten to unravel the city we love. >> bill de blasio ran on the platform of a tale of two cities. but can he deliver on his promise to help the have notes. >> anyone that rides into office with the type of support that mayor bill de blasio did has an agenda that is too significant tore them to accomplish. what he needs to do is think boldly, while at the same time finding short-term victory for new yorkers. >> bill de blasio wants to raise money by making charter schools pay rent, and tax wealthy new yorker for programs, and to build affordable housing he wants to take
, but they are not moving much around until tomorrow, when the storm goes. in new york bill de blasio has taken over from michael bloomberg. bill de blasio was elected in a landslide and inaugurated yesterday. now, one day in his administration faces its first test, a huge snow storm. let's listen to what bill de blasio of new york had to say about the way his administration is planning to tackle this. >> our city sanitation workers are on full mobilisation and have been since this morning. they are working 12 hour shifts in light of the emergency, with more than 2300 workers on each shift. sanitation department already has deployed 450 salt spreaders to prepare the ground for what is coming. as soon as we have at least two inches of snow they'll deploy 1700 trucks equipped with snow ploughing. >> so that's bill de blasio, the democratic mayor of new york city, and, of course, he's facing a challenge with the team, and the reason it's important to him is a couple of years ago there was a major storm, and bill de blasio's area was not ploughed for three days. he kicked up a stink and he's the mayor, wanti
and regifted as de blasio. reinvendting failure by disguising disaster. i call it change surgery. now crews celebrating over the big apple in new york city. there a magnet for business, an amazing feat. what do we hear this inauguration day? the chaplain calling the city a plantation while hillary looks on smiling. we remember the dead city, test subjects that died in left wing labs. we let another dr. frankenstein get his hands on our healthy patients. they'll call this progress and move on to another victim. >> well happen -- well happy new year. >> i was gone a week. >> did you watch the inauguration? >> yes. >> bob did a great job with you and had to walk home at 5:00 a.m. because there was nobody to pick you up. couldn't get a cab. >> it cost $4 a minute. >> that's what happens when de blasio took over. >> first guy heard is you, the rich. >> wasn't it nypd cop that recognized you? >> police were helpful. kimberly did a terrific job. it was complicated. believe me when i tell you. the dump all over government -- it's funny. nobody likes government unless they need it or use it. if you
the morning. in other news today marks the first full day of the bill de blasio era in new york city. the new mayor of new york city was sworn into office by former president bill clinton. he spoke about a fresh start to new york city, bringing a progressive message to the democratic party. >> we recognize government's first duties, our city's government first responsibilities to keep our neighborhoods safe, to keep our streets clean, ensure that those who live here and those who visit can get where they need to go in every borough. but we know that our mission reaches deeper. we're called to put an end to economic and social inequalities that threaten to unravel the city we love. our march towards a fairer, more just, more progressive place. our march to keep the promise of new york alive for the next generation. it begins today. >> de blasio's election and the popularity of senator elizabeth warren hints avenue direction for the democratic party. suggesting how progressive ideals may play a larger role in the next presidential election and with his wife in the stands, president clinton embr
officially handed the mayoral reins to bill de blasio. but that's not what grabbed headlines at yesterday's swearing in ceremony. it turned to the guy leading the oath of office. that would be bill clinton as his wife hillary looked on from feet away. in "the washington post," it isn't often that the swearing in of a new mayor of new york draws national television attention, but then it isn't every day you see a mayor sworn in with a former president of the united states and prospective presidential candidate on stage. are does the energy of the populist move go from here? michael tomaski is with the daily beast. michael, tayemy in the times today said until recently this was a love fest that was one sided. the cynics among us want to know what accounts for all of the love among de blasio and the clintons right now? >> well, i think they're mutually useful to each other. i think they like each other. de blasio did work on her first senate campaign in 2000. there's a lot of debate about what his role was, but he worked hard on that campaign. i think she came away from that campaign with go
will be the first big test here for bill de blasio. how are they bracing for the potential of up to eight inches of snow? >> the key here, thomas, is getting ahead of the storm and already they've got salt spreaders out on the road. here's what they're spreading, this thick, coarse mixture that will keep the roads dry and that is expected later this evening. we've got 300 of those salt spreaders out on the road and we have about a thousand plows standing nearby. as i said the key is getting the work done before it really starts to fall. as for residents of the tri-state area they are stocking up on shifls, on food ask water. we are hearing of some shortages in local stores. officials, of course, reminding people to stay off the roads. if it's absolutely noes go out, they say be sure to tuck the essentials into your car. they're talking about a flashlight, clothes, food, water, just in case you get stuck somewhere. we're expecting 6 to 12 inches of snow in some places up to 16 inches and with the brutal temperature drops and those chilly winds, it really is the recipe for the first perfect winter
later when new york city ceremoniously inaugurated its brand-new mayor, bill de blasio. his decisive, landslide victory has been hailed not only has a mandate for progressive economic and soeshl cial reform in new y city but part of a larger shift in american politics. because he made a reality out of what had previously been a political pipe dream for democratic candidates in a major election. to run and win on a far-left progressive platform. now, new york voterers responded overwhelming to his campaign theme of a tale of two cities. he's promised to address the widening gap between the city's rich and poor with policies like these. >> we will expand the paid sick leave law. we will require big developers to build more affordable housing. we will fight to stem the tide of hospital closures. and we'll expand community health cents into neighborhoods in need. we will reform a broken stop-and-frisk policy. we will ask the very wealthy to pay a little more in taxes so that we can offer full-day universal pre-k for every child in the city. and after-school programs for every middle-scho
blasio. >> do solemnly swear -- >> just after the stroke of midnight,city's first democratic mayor in decades, bill de blasio, sworn in outside his brooklyn home. in just a few hours from now, former president bill clinton will do the honors of swearing him in for the second time. >>> plus bone-chilling temps in much of the country on this new year's day. we'll have details on a snowstorm that will impact a large swath of the country. >>> it's time for the "your business" entrepreneur of the week. derrick peka lost his coat at a bar in college and thought there had been a better way. the entrepreneurship major decided to update the coat check process for the digital age using phones, tablets, photos and qr codes. for more watch "your business" sunday mornings at 7:30 on msnbc. there are cameras,, police, guards...ds us. but who looks after us online, where we spend more than 200 billion dollars a year. american express can help protect you. with intelligent security that learns your spending patterns, and can alert you instantly to an unusual charge. so you can be a member of a mor
because of bill de blasio, a brooklyn politician sworn in yesterday by bill clinton as the new mayor of new york city. de blasio managed to do something that has eluded new york democrats like bill thompson, mark greene, he won the mayorship on a democratic line ending the giuliani/bloomberg era. the theme of the day was economic populism subpoeand agge politics. >> we have to have a city of shared opportunities, shared prosperity, shared responsibilities. we are inner dependent. look around. we can't get away from each other. >> this is new york. we will no longer stay silent to this classism. no more brown stones and brown skin playing tug of war. >> let the plantation called new york city be the city of god, a city set upon the hill, a light shining in darkness. >> and big cities are, of course, a key laboratory of big policy ideas. many liberals think de blasio -- to explore whether new york can be a liberal trend setter again, we're joined by atlantic reporter molly ball and mark greene who ran against bloomberg in 2001 losing by less than .5 percentage point. thank you both for
with congressman patrick kennedy and others. >>> then there is the uber left, tax the rich, and bill de blasio, after 20 years of prosperity and lower crime, de blasio looks to anti-business, anti-education reform. this is elizabeth warren stuff. we need more rudy giuliani and bloomberg. all this and much more coming up on "the kudlow report" beginning right now. good evening, everyone, i'm lawrence kudlow, happy new year to everybody. we're here live, first thing we need to do is get you updated on a big winter storm hitting the midwest and heading towards the east coast. and kevin tibbles joins us, live from chicago, good evening. >> reporter: hey, larry, my lips are still moving, but only barely, i have to spit this out for you. there are parts of the midwest where it has been snowing nonstop. here alone, there are 1300 plows and trucks trying to keep the roads open. so far they're pretty successful. i have to tell you it is pretty hard to travel, it is chaos, hundreds of flights cancelled at o'hare. and as you know, that sort of thing happens on a sunny day at o'hare, so when something lik
shift in the democratic party. they were front and center as he swore in bill de blasio yesterday. he also, worked under bill clinton in the housing and urban development office. the central theme of his campaign was a very progressive message, a tale of two cities and income inequality. >> we are called to put an end to economic and social inequalities that threaten to unravel the city we love. our march towards a fairer, more just, more progressive place. our march to keep the promise of new york alive for the next generation. it begins today. >> president clinton embraced that message with his wife watching. >> i strongly endorse bill de blasio's core campaign commitment that we have to have a city of shared opportunities, shared prosperity, shared responsibilities. we are interdependent. look around. we can't get away from each other. we have to define the terms of our dependence. >> and hillary clinton tweeted this picture saying, quote, so pleased and proud to see mayor bill did i blass we blasio swor. julian, starting with you here. the washington post, ann asking the question
getting in. the roads were pretty bad. i'm blaming this on bill de blasio. this is his katrina. it took me longer to gotten blocks than under michael bloomberg. outrageous. he will fly in a plane overhead and look down. look at that. it's beautiful. t.j., we got the comcast commerce tree glistening. look at that. >> these are its final days. >> these are its final days before it's dragged off and turned into wood pulp. still inspiring kids to go out and spend money. it will be mulch. speaking of things being over. dynasty is over. alabama dynasty is over. >> they didn't show up last night did they? if that's the end of a dynasty, what a run. the predictions before this game, two analysts said one said 34-17. mark said 48-10 alabama. nobody gave oklahoma a chance. give oklahoma credit they had a freshman quarterback in there. they played great. they rolled over alabama. >> they dominated them every part it. on the line. offensive line. alabama's offensive line just could not protect their quarterback. and, of course, i think you're right. i think they didn't show up. just like when they pla
de blasio, and as stephanie gosk reports, his influence is likely to be felt far beyond the city. ♪ >> reporter: the mayor of new york may only be in charge of the city, but this job has always had the power to push the national agenda. democrat bilodeau blaus ois already thinking big. >> we are called to put an end to economic and social inequalities that threaten to unravel the city we love. >> reporter: today at his inauguration, the brooklyn native was sworn in by his one-time boss, president bill clinton. few new yorkers knew who he was a year ago. but it changed following the compelling story of his mixed race family with his unapologetically liberal platform. >> bill de blasio will be forever a new yorker. >> reporter: he's working with animal rights activists to get rid of these horse-drawn carriages. his predecessor, michael bloomberg undoubtedly changed new york. he banned smoking in bars and restaurants and famously tried to outlaw big sugary drinks. there was a dramatic drop in crime, a record 333 murders in 2013, down from 2,245 in 1990, which bloomberg in partcred
cities in the world is just hours away from starting his first full day on the job. bill de blasio is the first democrat to lead new york in two decades. he's promising to narrow the income gap that widened under his predecessor, michael bloomberg. difficult blass i don't was sworn in on wednesday as the 109th mayor of new york. voters elected the 52-year-old last november. former president bill clinton and former secretary of state hillary clinton attended the event. >> new york has faced fiscal collapse in the crime epidemic, terrorist attacks and natural disasters. but now in our time we face a different crisis, an inequality crisis. >> de blasio noted desparts and race. he promised to implement a tax hike on the wealthy. he said we'll conform the practical police tactic of stop and frisk that critics say leads to racial profiling. analysts say new york is more secure than it has been in years. the number of murders has declined to one-fifth over the last two decades. people are focusing on how mayor de blasio's policies will affect the economy. >>> people in the u.s. state of c
. jonathan. >> thanks kevin. >>> a new era has occurred in new york city. bill de blasio was sworn in. as ray lynn johnson reports, he has promised to fight for income equality and social justice. >> for the first time in 20 years a democrat is now mayor of new york city. with fanfare, pomp and circumstance, bill de blasio was sworn in as the 109th mayor of the largest city in the country in a ceremony that was presided over by a former president. >> we are called to put an end to economic and social inequalities that threaten to unravel the city we love. >> de blasio ran on a platform of the tale of two cities. but can he succeed? >> the platforms that mayor de blasio did, what i think he needs to do is continue to think boldly while at the same time finding some short term victories. >> to improve education de blasio sis he wants to improve education, build more affordable housing he wants to take $1 million from the city's pension funds. all of these proposals have been met by opposition from a variety of groups, yet supporters say deblasio will be able to work across the aisle to accompli
. >>> that inequality also being addressed by the new new york mayor, bill de blasio this year in his inauguration this week, the centerpiece of his plan is to increase taxes to pay for education. you haven't come out in support of this? >> i support an increase in taxes at the federal level from 35% to 39%. it's a more difficult issue at the state level because people can leave and go to connecticut or new jersey or somewhere else. so, i left it to them. >> you support it or not? >> i'm leaving it up to de blasio and cuomo out of this one. >>> finally, clemency for edward snowden? >> no, i don't believe so. snowden said that he's in the grand tradition of civil disobedience in this country. it is a grand tradition. part of that tradition, you pay the consequences, if you break the law because your conscience says you have to, you stand trial and pay the consequences. that's what martin luther king jr. did. so, what snowden ought to do is come back and stand trial. and face the consequences and he'll have his ample opportunity to say why he did what he did. and all of that. and you know, there are
for the first time in 20 years. mayor bill de blasio was sworn in by former president clinton. the new mayor unapologetic about his progressive agenda, signaling changes that could effect the entire country. susan candiotti joins us from new york. hi, susan. >> hi, happy new year. >> reporter: as new york city goes, so goes the country? maybe, maybe not. a lot of liberals and progressive democrats will be watching closely because of de blasio social reform policies work, it may help the party on a national level. new york's pop u lous new mayor got to the ceremony the way millions of new yorkers get to work every day, on the subway. before emerging, even running into his predecessor, former mayor michael bloomberg. signaling reversal of policies that saw business boom under bloomberg, some say at the expense of the abnormal and working class. >> when i said i would take dead aim at the tail of two cities, i meant it. >> reporter: citing liberal leaders of the past century, de blasio promising to even the economic playing field, including taxing those that make more than a half million a year
at new york city's new mayor. bill de blasio took his oath of office as noon. bill clinton did the honors. how would you describe the mayor? sort of a left-wing populist. big plans for new york city. >> we're called to put an end to economic and social inequalities that threaten to unravel the city we love. so today, we commit to a new progressive direction in new york. and that same progressive impulse has written our city's history. it's in our dna. >> as with any new politician, you look to what their first act in office may be because it indicates how the rest of the term could be. this is rart interesting for de blasio. it concerns animal rights right there in the city of new york. the old horse and carriage, the buggy rides through central park, that tradition that is pretty much a staple to many who visit. ashleigh banfield explains. >> hey, marty. so the day after new year's eve in times square, it seems fitting to come to central park to take a look at the horse-drawn carriages because they may be relics. if the new mayor who is in town, bill de blasio, has his way, you will not
blas blasio's first test on the job. boston preemptively declaring a snow emergency today, canceling school on friday. let's go over to bill karins. it seems less of a big deal earlier in the week and now a pretty big deal. >> it's because of the korld. if it was just the snow alone, i think we could deal with it. some people don't have school, some going back. kind of a mixed bag. the problem is that it's so cold that the treatments on the roads won't be as effective and the fact that we'll have to clear i'd walks and driveways and cars in windchills below zero, that will be something we haven't done in a while in many areas of new england and the ohio valley. let's start with it this morning, heaviest snow elected over indianapolis. light fluffy snow, but again, it doesn't get treated as well and if there is any wind, it will blow right back on to the roads. so that is expanding in to ohio. eventually as the snow continues in to new england, that's where it will pile up the most. right now the storm affecting the ohio valley will eventually come off the coast and turn into our nor'
national. welcome, everyone, i am melissa francis in for neil cavuto. bill de blasio laying out his agenda yesterday. >> those would see their taxes increase by an average of $973 per year. and that is less than $3 per day. about the cost of a small lot today at your local starbucks. melissa: liberals everywhere are looking to spread the new mayor's message. they want to join bill de blasio and tax the rich and redistribute elwell. sabrina schaeffer says this that could make the economy even worse. let's start with you. why do you think that? >> is funny. it's a new year and i want to try to be optimistic. melissa: good for you. >> but i don't want to be resentful to my neighbors might make more money. i'm tired of the class warfare. i want to see growth for all americans and that is something that seems to be eluding bill de blasio and many other democrats. >> it is definitely eluding our new mayor and it seems like others are embracing it. do you think it is spreading? >> i don't think it is, but the idea has been around forever. whenever things are bad, you are going against the big ceo
candiotti joins me now. hi, susan. >>ly. it's interesting to see how this new mayor, bill de blasio, just elected here in new york city, just taking office, how he's going to do. he campaigned as a man of the people, and that message was also made clear during his inauguration ceremony. new york's populist new mayor bill de blasio and his family got to his inauguration ceremony the way millions of new yorkers get to work every day. on the subway. before emerging, even running into his predecessor, former mayor michael bloomberg. in his speech, signaling a reversal of policies that saw business boom under bloomberg, some say at the expense of the poor and working class. >> when i said i would take dead aim at the tale of two cities, i meant it. >> reporter: citing liberal leaders of the past century, de blasio promising to even the economic playing field, including taxing those who make more than $500,000 a year to pay for universal pre-k and after-school programs. telling the wealthy, don't worry. >> -- see their taxes increase by an average of $973 a year. that's less than three bucks a
that really had a legitimate shot to become the mayor of new york. but what broke away for bill de blasio was the fact that he was willing to talk about wages, he was willing to talk about income inequality, and he runs away with the election. here he is yesterday in the inaugural speech not running away but talking about income inequality. here it is. >> we are called to put an end to economic and social inequalities that threaten to unravel the city we love. >> our march towards a fairer, more just, more progressive place. our march to keep the promise of new york alive for the next generation. it begins today. >> i think that he is sending a message to every progressive in this country who wants to get elected that this is the template. i ask you, will income inequality be a biggish in this year's midterms? what do you think? >> oh, i think it is a big issue in the election. this morning's financial times, not a notoriously socialist newspaper, the london paper has an editorial on inequality that begins by quoting pope francis and says that these distributional issues need to be taken
're expecting to hear from new york city mayor bill de blasio who will give an update on the snow. a half a foot was dumped on the city alone. governor andrew cuomo declaring a statewide emergency as well there in the state of new york. boston, back here, getting more than 14 inches of snow. it spanned from 8 up to 23 1/2 inches according to the national weather service. more than two feet of snow dumped on some areas around boston. windchills well below zero. we're experiencing that here, although it is getting better. governor duval patrick saying the state has handled the storm well and by all accounts here behind us, that is what we are seeing. patrick activating 400 national guardsmen along with, of course, the department of transportation crew that's been out 24 hours. he said most people heeded advice to hunker down to allow the plows and sanders to do their jobs and keep the streets clear. and that's why the cars, like the ones you may be hearing around me, they're moving around. power outages have been minimal and that's been good because people have been able to stay warm. governor pat
the belt hits at mayor bloomberg as mayor bill de blasio promised a shake up in the big apple. can he pull off the aggressive agenda? the political panel will weigh in. ♪ [ male announcer ] this is the story of the little room over the pizza place at 315 chestnut street. the modest first floor bedroom in tallinn, estonia and the dusty basement at 1406 35th street. it is the story of the old dining room table at 25th and hoffman avenue. the southbound bus barreling down i-95. ...and the second floor above the strip mall at roble and el camino. ♪ this magic moment it is the story of where every great idea begins. ♪ so different and so new where those with endless vision and an equal amount of audaciousness believed they had the power to do more. time and time again. ♪ and then, it happened at dell, we're honored to be part of some of the world's great stories. stories that began much the same way ours did. in a little dorm room -- # 2713. ♪ this magic moment ♪ overmany discounts to thine customers! [old english accent] safe driver, multi-car, paid in full -- a most fulsome bounty
progressive direction in new york. >> bill de blasio -- >> the 109th mayor of new york city. >> has many hoping for an era of progressive governance in gotham city. >> de blasio, a progressive champion. >> it's been about inequality. tale of two cities. >> the democratic party. >> what will 2014 bring in terms of actual governing. >> president obama is expected to make income inequality. >> a fairness issue. but it is an economic issue. >> the administration is going to make a push on minimum wage. >> tell a tale of the inscum -- income problem. >> a progressive shift. >> a new direction for the democratic party. >> our march towards a fairer, more progressive place. >> shared opportunities. shared responsibilities. >> it begins today. >> i'm joy reid in for lawrence o'donnell. 2014 its the year of the horse, but will it be the year of the liberals. "the new york times" reports, president obama and congressional democrats are supporting legislation that would raise federal minimum wage to $10.10 an hour by 2015. mr. obama planning speeches across the country focussed on improving wages
placed in me. >> new york city mayor bill de blasio at his inauguration this week saying he will keep his campaign promise to address income inequality in the big apple. and we are back now with the panel. new york city's new mayor is unabashed liberal following his two immediate predecessors you rudy giuliani and michael bloomberg who emphasized fiscal restraint and crime control. how do you explain what -- rather dramatic change of direction in new york? >> i think the wonder is it took this long and it took 20 years since new york last experiment with liberal governance and that ended up rather badly. we now have a new york significant portion of the electorate composed of people that doesn't remember what it was like 20 years aget when the city was crime-ridden and businesses were leaving. after 20 years it appears as though of governance which was tough on crime and hospitable to business and new york city made a tremendous comeback, they are going the try it again. maybe it will work out better this time than it did the last time. maybe he won't be able do all of these things he tal
-wishers and check out a life-size nativity scene. >>> bill deblasio was sworn at midnight. replacing billionaire michael blo bloomberg, the 52-year-old was joined by his wife and two children. deblasio is the first democrat elected as new york city mayor since 1989. he'll be sworn in later today by former president bill clinton >>> a host of new laws that people will soon have to learn, some are long time coming and some are completely unexpected. here's abc's linsey davis with the breakdown. >> reporter: out with the old in with the new -- new laws that is. legislators have some big changes. 14 states will see increases in minimum wage. california enforcing stricting punishment for those paparazzi. >>> colorado and washington will host marijuana retailers. which brings us to a few of the new laws hitting the box that may you thinking, what were they smoking? hate it when you're out in wisconsin and can't catch a cab, the badger state will legal pedal pub. everyone pedals, driver steers and you enjoy one more beer for the road. think the only lemon law applies to used cars. nope. illinois will j
juramento de di blasio . >>> por primera vez en 20 años la gran manzana tiene un alcalde demócrata que prometio dar prioridad a grupos minoritarios, en su discurso inaugural reiteró sus promesas de campaña . >>> dijo mis palabras no fueron solamente de campaña, vengo a errar la brecha entre ricos y pobres . >>> les extiendo las gracias a ustedes mis hermanos y hermanas neoyorquinos por acompañarnos en este día tan especial, gracias . >>> di blasio de 52 años de edad fue juramentado por el ex presidente bill clinton en las escalinatas en una mañana muy fría, su política nicluyente es aplaudida porque promete cambios positivos . >>> la maoyria o grupos por debajo se van a beneficiar, pero en nueva york creo que se va a beneficiar todo el mundo . >>> como candidato prometió entre otras cosas terminar con el programa de la policía o parar y revisar ,crear viviendas accesibles, invertir en la educación . >>> creo que nuestra clase trabajadora, nuestra clase media, nuestra clase latina estamos orgullosas que un alcalde invertirá en una educación de calidad . >>> la semana pasad
blasio -- >> reporter: hours before he was sworn in as mayor bill de blasio assured new yorkers he knows what's important to them. >> i remember that my own block didn't get cleared for three days so something like a snowstorm i take very personally. >> reporter: that was a lesson learned from his predecessors. michael bloomberg was exscore@ed for days of impassable streets following a 2010 blizzard. >> the world does not come to an end. the city is going fine, broadway shows were full last night. >> reporter: and john lindsay almost lost reelection in 1969 for not having the streets in queens cleared quickly enough following a snowstorm. ten years later, mayor michael bilandic of chicago wasn't so lucky. he was defeated largely because of the city's anemic reaction to a blizzard. with bankrupt detroit looking at a possible seven inches of snow tomorrow, income mayor mike duggan hopped on a plow to show his priorities are straight. but when it comes to clearing streets, he's at a huge disadvantage. detroit has only 145 snowplows. new york city has almost 2,000. while not expected to be a
's bill de blasio's agenda and how his administration will differ from michael bloomberg. millions of snapchat users hacked. a new species moving into the chicago area. why rare snowy owls are calling it home. >> sanitation trucks are expecting several inches from the big apple today. >> welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm stephanie sy, and they say are the top stories at this hour. of the the first major winner storm of 2014 is headed to the north-east. a foot or more of snow is expected in parts of new england, new york and new jersey. winter storm warnings have been issued through thursday and friday afternoon. boston schools closed for the rest of the week. in south sudan, the ongoing violence spiralled into humanitarian crisis. international diplomats hope the ceasefire talks in ethiopia will bring on end to the sectarian conflicts. it comes on the heels of south sudan's president. declaring a state of emergency where pro-government sources recaptured the city. secretary of state john kerry is expected to arriving in jerusalem. he is attempting to kick start talks. john ke
. >>> new questions about the future of the democratic party. why bill de blasio's rise may make hillary clinton and the rest of the 2016 field veer to the left. -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com >>> hello, i'm john berman, wolf blitzer is off today, hopefully somewhere warm. we begin with the first major snowstorm of the season. it is going to have a huge impact on about 100 million people, including all those holiday travelers. watches, warnings posted in 19 states from indiana all the way up to maine. with the storm reaching the east coast tonight, it's going slam head-on into another storm system, creating a powerful nor'easter with heavy snow, high winds, subzero windchills. we are tracking this storm from the cnn weather center. we have correspondents in all affected regions. i want to start with ted rowlands, outside chicago. this hit the midwest first, hundreds of flights grounded there. how bad are the travel conditions right now? >> reporter: well, they're horrible on the roads, as you can imagine. snowing steadily basically since new year's eve day for 2 1/2 days straight,
in the country. especially the role of progressives now, and with de blasio now the mayor of new york city. de blasio draws all eyes to new york city lab, populist ideas. what's going on in democratic politics? >> the idealogy of both parties is disappearing, i think, and now we're seeing a move here where the democratic party is more united in what it stands for these days. it has moved to the left a little bit in the same way the republican party, which used to have idealogical adversity inside the party, liberal republicans, conserving republicans, were seeing one idealogy inside the republican umbrella. i think that's what's going on in the republican party. the question is, where we have much more stark choices -- i remember in 2000, gore and bush were trying to sound like the same candidate, and i think that's why we ended up am a tie. we have not had this clear of a divide between the two parties idealogically, perhaps, in a couple generations. what does that mean? i think it means the gridlock we get in washington because it's so hard to find compromise when you're so far apart. >> her
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